Rose Marie and her Spaghetti Sauce

Rose Marie and her Spaghetti Sauce
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‘I was asked what I wanted my legacy to be. My answer, “That I was good at my job & loved every minute of it.” I wish that for everyone.’

                                ~ Rose Marie, August 2017 binäre optionen demokonto online When us oldies but goodies think of Rose Marie, we usually first think of The Dick Van Dyke Show and her role as Sally Rogers. Forever single and always looking for a man. Any man. What a laugh she used to give us. 

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opzionibinario etz With her passing on December 28, 2017, I had to take a few moments to go behind the scenes and discover the real Rose Marie. I’m a Twitter follower of her, known as RoseMarie4Real, and she really opened up through the years about her personal life. Here’s a few memorable memories you may or may not have of her.

  • She discovered Funny Man Tim Conway and was his first agent. He became an award-winning actor and comic best known for his roles on ‘McHale’s Navy’ and ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’ Born Thomas Daniel Conway from Ohio, he originally wanted to be a jockey. His short stature would lend itself well to that profession, but suddenly he discovered he could make people laugh. He was doing ad-lib with Ernie Anderson as host on ‘Ernie’s Place’ in 1961 when Rose Marie first discovered his talent. She got him on Steve Allen’s Variety Show, and along with a name change to Tim Conway, he found himself on the newly formed Carol Burnett Show in the 70s. 

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“Had a discussion last night about the difference between comic & comedian – my opinion – one says funny things, the other says things funny.”

                           ~ Rose Marie, Sept. 2017

  • Beyond TV, friends knew her because of her spaghetti sauce. Among them, Jonathan Winters was her sauce’s #1 fan! With a name like RoseMarie Mazetta, it’s not hard to believe that she was a great Italian cook!
  • Jonathan Winters always came over when Rose Marie made her easy-to-make Linguine with Clams. Here’s the recipe – 
  • Rose Marie’s little dog, Bailey, is a rescue and came to her by way of  Thrive Animal Rescue and run by Jimmy Durante’s daughter. “My favorite holiday movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, had its first showing 70 years ago today. I had watched the movie last year, and when my daughter told me on Christmas that she’d found a rescue for me I immediately knew that my handsome little guy would be named Bailey after Dear George.” ~ Rose Marie, December 20, 2017
  • Rose Marie’s Signature Black Bow signifies she is still in mourning of her one true love, her late husband. She was married to Bobby Guy, the first trumpeter for the NBC Orchestra and still lives in the same home she and Bobby shared in the San Fernando Valley in California. Marie met Bobby Guy when she was performing at a New Jersey nightclub before the war. Guy was playing the trumpet with his band. Rose Marie claims that she three days after meeting Guy that she would marry him. They both fell in love and married in 1946. Marie was only 22 years old at that time. 
Bobby Guy was a famous professional trumpet player of the big band era. He played in the legendary Kay Kyser band. Guy joined the band in 1936. Bobby passed away in 1964 at the age of 48. The official statement from the doctor said that he died from, “a sudden, overwhelming bloodstream infection.”

opcje binarne nielegalne Rose Marie and Bobby Guy were just a few weeks away from their 18th wedding anniversary. For Rose Marie, the sudden death of her husband was very hard to take but she overcame her loss for the sake of her daughter, “I brought my daughter up because my husband died when he was 48 years old,” she said. “So I had a double duty to take care of her, take care of me, take care of my mother and make sure I still went on with the career. I’m very grateful to my fans because they kept me going.”

Rose Marie was a celebrated Italian cook, a collector of plates, a defender of humanitarian causes, especially animal welfare, and a proud mother of Georgiana, nicknamed “Noopy” (shown on the right)

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source Her family asks us to please don’t forget Rose Marie’s film “Wait for Your Laugh”-she made it before her passing, and it’s her true legacy and chronicles her life. I located an article online that gives details about her life and growing up. If you’d like to read it click HERE

I followed our beloved Rose Marie on Twitter before she passed, and I’d like to share with you some of my favorite tweets of hers ~

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