Pigging out on Pork Rinds

Growing up in Texas, pork rinds was a staple along with Big Red and corn nuts. We ate them by the bagfuls, not because we knew they were zero carbs on a low carb diet because we didn’t even know what a carbohydrate was in the 60s!


Now people everywhere are eating the puffy, 0 carb crunchy treats to eat with dips or just by themselves to curb the crunchiness we crave when not able to eat chips and good ole crunchy carbs. 


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My friend Becky kept telling me to up the ante by making them a sweet, delicious treat.


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…and so I did. 

Image result for bag of pork rindsTake a bag of pork rinds and open the top. 

PAM No-Stick Cooking Spray, Coconut Oil 5 oz [064144031351]Then spray some coconut oil like this over the pork rinds in the bag and hold the top together and shake to coat.

In a large ziplock I shook in some cinnamon and some Splenda powder. 


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I don’t have exact measurements-just eyeball it. 

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Add some pork rinds and shake, shake, shake. 


Now, eat, crunch, smile!




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