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Grow Where You’re Planted

Grow Where You’re Planted

It's good to share

source I’m Paula Todora, and I live in Texas with my husband of 21 years, our 4 year-old schnotty named Diggy-Dog (schnauzer/scotty mix) and the “caped wonder” Fluffy Boy who is our 16 year-old black long-haired cat. We also have a 9 year-old grandson who holds the key to our hearts. 

binäre optionen mindesteinzahlung 50 One of the wonderful lessons I’ve learned in my 60 years of living on God’s green earth is ~

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are 


click This applies to so much in life, and a great example is a chef  I know who lives in a tiny New York apartment.

http://divipiso.com/rtyre/5434 She creates recipe after brilliant recipe on a 2-burner stove, using just a handful of utensils and pans. Yet, some of us seem to think we have to have the right tool for the right dish and an award-winning kitchen with granite, stainless steel and more. Not true.

source link I’ve also seen with my own two eyes a young woman make her somewhat ghetto apartment look like House Beautiful, always clean and always smelling of lavender and citrus.  Soap is inexpensive, and clean is free.

http://documentalqueridowatson.es/pizdyhov/6756 She had hand-me-down furniture and a few new dollar store accessories that would make anyone proud. Always cooking wonderful meals for herself and her son, entertaining and making their lives complete. She made her apartment her own kind of beautiful. Lesson learned. 

rencontre chorégraphique 2013 ffd Also known as “grow where you are planted,” have faith and carry on. Be your own kind of Beautiful!






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Set Boundaries 

Another important lesson that I’ve learned that I apply to pretty much every situation I come across. 

Here’s a little nugget of truth ~ A lack of boundaries invites a lack of self respect. 

I have a section on my blog labeled “Respectful Recipes.” It’s a collection of well-balanced foods that are good for your mind, body and spirit. Whole grains, lower fats, protein and vitamin-rich food that make you feel good about yourself. I compare setting boundaries with people the same with food – food isn’t the enemy really. It’s the overconsumption of food that is. 

So, this rule of thumb applies to about 99% of life – boundaries with people, boundaries with food, boundaries with pretty much everything in life to keep us on the road to success and happiness. 

Happiness is when the mind, body and spirit unite. 

My goal with my blog is not to accumulate thousands of followers, sell products or make money. My goal is to keep track of recipes for myself and to share them whit others. I do believe that food is love and brings happiness. 

 Welcome to my simple namesake blog.