Soapapilla Cheescake Squares

These are a hit for breakfast, dessert or a snack. They’re easy to make, and they make a big baking dish full.  Not an original recipe by any means, I still want to share it just in case you’ve missed out. Crescent rolls and cream cheese, mixed with some honey and cinnamon-what’s not to love!… Read More Soapapilla Cheescake Squares


Inside Out LC Eggroll

This dish has many names, from “keto crack” to “eggroll in a bowl” to “coleslaw crack.” I call mine inside out eggroll because that’s what it tastes like-the inside of a good, crunchy high carb eggroll fried to perfection but without all the carbs. For example, a normal little pork eggroll at a Chinese takeout… Read More Inside Out LC Eggroll


Fair Scones

If you’ve been to the Puyallup Fair in WA State, you are familiar with Fisher Scones, and this is my recipe for them. Tender and flaky, served with melted butter and raspberry preserves.  By the way, in the UK ’tis pronounced “skon” and rhymes with “gone.” The triangular shape (that us Americans associate with scones) comes… Read More Fair Scones


LC Breakfast Cups

If you’re on the Low Carb Train like I am, you’ll really love these to make ahead and either refrigerate or freeze. Pop them in the microwave until warm, and they’ll fill you up for hours.  Use any kind of meat, cheese, veggies you have on hand. Mushrooms, ham, onion, red bell pepper, anything! I… Read More LC Breakfast Cups


Summertime Peaches

It’s Peach Season I grew up in North Texas, and when June rolled around I knew we would enjoy homemade peach ice cream and peach cobbler unlike no other time during the year. My favorite was and always will be warm peach cobbler seasoned with cinnamon and topped with a simple rolled lattice top. Cobblers were never… Read More Summertime Peaches


Fried Pickles

  It all started in 1960’s, and they were called “French Fried Pickles.” The original recipe used sweet (not dill) pickles and pancake batter for the outside. They’ve come a long way, baby! May 19-20 is officially Picklefest held in downtown Atkins, Arkansas.  You can now get these crispy fried discs at most restaurants since the… Read More Fried Pickles


Mom’s Always Right!

  A day set aside especially for those who raised us. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were the ones who gave us life, but they were the ones that made sure we were fed and warm at night. Funny how life is.  I know one rule of thumb when it comes to mothers-Even when they’re… Read More Mom’s Always Right!


Sunshine Smoothie

I named my morning smoothie “Sunshine Smoothie” because it was so bright and beautiful. A peach, an orange, a banana and an apple made it fresh and frutie, and some fat-free vanilla Greek yogurt, a little vanilla unsweetened almond milk, and it filled me up to the brim and gave me tons of energy for… Read More Sunshine Smoothie