Milestone Birthday

Milestone Birthday
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best gay friendly dating sites Normally, September 11th would conjure up tragic memories for United States citizens like me. Over the years, I’ve learned to learn to incorporate my birthday into this memorable day because, after all, it was my birthday before terrorists made it a half-flag sort of day. Those with 9/11 birthdays understand what I am talking about because we don’t ever want to be “selfish” or “uncaring” when we find a moment to celebrate our birth the very day America, us included, takes a look back in time to remember the fallen ones. 

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click Many believe that it’s inappropriate to be festive while the rest of the country observes a somber anniversary. Every time we fill out a form at a doctor’s office, show a driver’s license to rent a car, clear passport control at the airport or otherwise present identification, we get a quizzical response, somewhere between sympathy and shock. This year in 2017 I reached a milestone birthday that I have dreaded for years, just thinking about it. No other birthday has affected me like the anticipation of this particular one. It ends with 0, and it’s not a 5. 

go After a wonderful 9/11/17 birthday with my husband and pets, I found it to actually be a good birthday, one that included a day trip, a homemade pumpkin cake with cinnamon-maple cream cheese frosting, compliments of moi, and an overall satisfied feeling of knowing I had made it this far in life. 

binäre optionen handeln ohne einzahlung My birthday two birthday gifts to myself: A nice 88-key piano keyboard + stand and a kick-butt Nutri Ninja to get in the fruits & veggies I have been missing over the years. Yes, it’s a late star, but story of my life!

I’ll be including recipes for healthy and clean living so I can make an attempt at lowering my cholesterol and bringing down my blood pressure. Better late than never. So, join me in some good, heart-healthy recipes and know that it’s never too late!

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