Garden Fresh Breakfast Scramble for “Dad”

At the end of the week and you’re left with veggies you haven’t used, and if you’re like me and hate throwing food away, be sure and use whatever you may have on hand for a very low carb, nourishing and fiber-filled breakfast like we did this Father’s Day.

It’s just me and my husband, along with our Diggy Dog “Aston Martin” and Fluffy Boy, our fluffier-than-normal cat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Father’s Day in style! It started by letting Daddy sleep in (as you see, Diggy had one eye open to make sure he didn’t miss any action).

Then coffee in bed as I made that special low-carb breakfast since we’re back on the LC Train. Image result for choo choo train

I knew the morning called for eggs and veggies, so I started chopping and preparing, using 6 eggs and whatever I had left over from this week’s cooking in the form of meat, veggies and cheese. 

Then I heated up my very favorite Goodwill-find-skillet that I got on our “extended Pacific Northwest vacation” at the Maple Valley Goodwill, known by myself as the finest and most refined and treasure-filled GW in the land!

I added a pat or two (maybe three) of real butter (salted please) and sauteed and stirred and let the aromas fill the air. 

Then I scrambled up the eggs, got the prepared salsa out of the fridge, along with some shredded cheese and went to town. 

One thing I’ve learned is to start with the veggies that take the longest to cook-so I put the peppers in first, followed by the green onions, mushroom and ham. The spinach went in last.

I’ve also learned from experience that it really does make a difference, no matter what you’re cooking, to season in layers. SO I sprinkled a little salt & freshly ground black pepper on the veggies, again on the spinach and then again on the eggs, not too much though because of the saltiness of the ham. I like to get to know my ingredients, that way I know how to treat them. Kind of like people. Not two are alike, and they each demand special and different attention. 

After the delicate and ever-so-sensitive spinach (yes, we all know people just like this) was wilted, I immediately poured in the eggs and let them set up for a minute or two. And, yes, a little kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper again. 

Now we’re off to the races. After a few quick stirs, some shredded cheddar or whatever type you have or want to use (there are no rules in this playbook), I topped it off with some salsa and enjoyed breakfast with my Diggy Dog and Fluffy Boy’s Daddy. A good time was had by all. 

No recipe is listed because there is no recipe for something as wonderfully creative as this breakfast. Use what you have and love the one you share it with. Happy Father’s Day.

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