Baby Registry at Domino’s Pizza

Baby Registry at Domino’s Pizza
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Your baby may not be the only special delivery you have in your future. 

Domino’s has created the first Baby Registry for Pizza! If you’re a new mom and dad, the last thing on your mind is cooking. According to you might be “Hormonal and Hangry” and need some sustenance. That’s why they have a $20.00 gift in the registry entitled “Hormaonal and Hangry: the struggle is real!” Also available is a Gender reveal package, Bachelor Party and Dad’s Babysitting gifts for the new parents. 

It launched November 29th, and new parents can plan for their big event ahead of time-one less thing, right?

I also can’t think of a better gift to give new parents to celebrate “Sleeping Through The Night – Trust us. It’s a reason to celebrate” for $25.00. My personal favorite? “Newborn Lockdown – Dinner delivered. ‘Nuff said.” 


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