A New Year & A Fresh Start

A New Year & A Fresh Start
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I’m taking this opportunity to be thankful for the previous year because it brought so many things back to my life.

My husband. My state of Texas. The warmth of the sun. A fabulous new doctor (and that’s hard to find). A healthy mental and physical well being. Good friends. A secure job. Family. Stability. Love.

Yes, 2017 was an excellent year, and I almost hate to say goodbye to it. But, as always, a new year brings new things and new promises.

I know that goals are important and need to be set to focus on the future because 

I want to say that I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, BUT I do! The reason-I love and adore fresh starts. Kind of like taking the big eraser and wiping off the old, starting with the new and carrying on. I’ve always loved fresh starts. You know when you were in school and the first day of school brought sharpened new pencils, notebooks full of new paper and the hope of a great school year? Well, I still carry that on through life and look forward to starting a new page on excel for the new yearly budget and bills. Am I weird? Probably so.

I wish you well and hope you too have a bright future and a terrific 2018!







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